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Quit SA is a not for profit agency and these resources are provided free of charge to South Australian organisations only

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Quitting (and Other Resources)
Smoking and asthma Available Online
Smoking and surgery Available Online
E-cigarette fact sheet - Information for smokers
Quit because you can Available Online
Quitline Services brochure
Champix Informaiton Brochure
NRT Information Brochure
Smoking & Pregnancy (Resources)
Quit for You Quit for Two Pregnancy Booklet
Aboriginal (Resources)
Poster - Fill my head with dreams not my lungs with smoke
Poster - Stories about smokers never end...
Poster - Breathe, relax, calm down and so will your cravings
Poster - Be strong and stand up to nicotine cravings - Jack
Poster - When mum smokes it's my heart that hurts - Molly
Poster - Healthy lungs help me keep up with the kids - Elsie
Poster - You can always get help to quit smoking - Tom Calma
ATSI Quitline Brochure - SA
Poster - I've got better things to do with my time
Poster - When you smoke around me it makes us both sick
Poster - Quitting smoking can save your life - Charlotte
Poster - Quitting smoking is a Journey - Stephen Goldsmith
Poster - If I don't start smoking I won't have to stop
Smoking & Mental Health (Resources)
How can I Support Someone to address their smoking? (Broch.)
Are you worried about smoking tobacco? (Poster)
Now I can smell the orange blossom (book) $20 plus $5 P&H
Tobacco Free Manual and CD- $20 plus $5 P&H
I’m giving it a go (A4 Booklet)
Are you worried about smoking tobacco? (A5 Flyer)
Smoking causes lung cancer
Smoking causes mouth and throat cancer
Smoking causes heart disease
Smoking clogs your arteries
Smoking harms unborn babies
Stop Smoking, Start Repairing (Woman)
Stop Smoking, Start Repairing (Man)
Smoking causes emphysema
Smoking Causes Blindness
Smoking causes peripheral vascular disease
Quitline referral cards (50/pack)
Pregnancy Quitline referral pads
Quitline referral pad (50/pad)
DVD: Lets call it Quits $20 plus $5 P&H (Mental Health)
DVD - Give it up Sista $10 plus $5 P&H (Invoice to follow)
DVD - Bernards Choice $10 plus $5 P&H (Invoice to follow)
DVD - 10 steps to quit for good $33 plus $5 P&H

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